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The Onvation Smart Restroom Management System seamlessly connects your restroom. You can monitor your Scott® and PURELL® dispensers keep track of product consumption, and improve restroom satisfaction through your smartphone or computer.

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Transform the way you manage your restroom with industry-leading brands Scott® and PURELL®*

The best-selling smart restroom system in North America1, the Onvation Smart Restroom Management System uses patented, smart-sensing technology to help managers and their cleaning staff stay ahead of run-outs, paper jams, and other common restroom issues with real-time alerts.

Improve Efficiency and Restroom Experience

  • Reduce restroom-related complaints and work orders by up to 75%2.
  • Reduce product waste by up to 80%3 by better managing premature refills.
  • Get real-time behavior data, including traffic patterns and peak hours, to help you make improvements.

How it Works

An icon featuring a sensing device with wifi.

1. Smart Sensors

Embedded Scott® and PURELL® smart sensors send data to a secure hub.  

An icon of a data cloud with an upload arrow.

2. Sharing Data

The information is transmitted to the Cloud via a secure Cellular Network.

An icon featuring a laptop, cell phone, and a tablet.

3. Remote Monitoring

Alerts are sent to cleaning staff for immediate facility servicing. The dashboard is a central hub for current and historical data and metrics that help you deliver restroom user-centered care more efficiently.

A laptop computer displaying an overview of the Onvation dashboard and an image of a facility manager.

Dashboard Helps You Eliminate Inefficiencies

Compare monthly averages and year-to-date consumption Monitor traffic and premature refills at-a-glance See alert resolution rate and average response time

A cell phone displaying the Onvation cleaner app and an image of a facility cleaner.

App Helps Your Team Prioritize Tasks

Manage route more efficiently with color-coded alerts Easily view issues requiring immediate attention Edit assigned cleaning areas

Customer Stories

Senior Property Manager, Maureen Burns of River Park Plaza Building, St. Paul, MN shares how Onvation helped reduce tenant complaints by 90% and cut product consumption in half.

“The efficiencies we’ve gained have gone far beyond what we ever imagined.” Orlando Ackerson, Resident Regional Director, Xanitos
The decision to go on with Onvation has only gotten stronger as a result of the pandemic.” Michael Hasko, General Manager, Adelaide Place, Toronto

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*Purell is a registered trademark of GOJO Industries, Inc. and used under license.
1“#1 Selling Smart Restroom System in the US” – Based on 2017 KCP Sales Data
2,3Based on KCP 2017 Case Study